Terms and Conditions of Utility Service From City of Cherryville

I understand that I am entering into a contract for utility service with City of Cherryville and understand that all persons, firms, or corporations having connections within the City's electric, water, and wastewater systems shall pay any applicable deposit, monthly usage, and service charges. I also understand that residential sanitation and yard waste charges are billed monthly on the utility bill and that all billings are due before the date indicated on each billing to avoid penalties.

I agree to make no claims against City of Cherryville for damage on account of the stoppage of the flow of water resulting from an accidental shut-off by City of Cherryville, when stoppage is necessary to make alterations, repairs or improvements by City of Cherryville or its agents, representatives, and/or contractors or due to an emergency. I shall keep all plumbing fixtures on the premises in good repair, shall promptly stop all leaks from such plumbing fixtures, and shall conserve water in time of water shortage. By using this Site, you agree to be bound by, and to comply with, these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, please do not use this site.

I agree to exercise reasonable diligence to protect the City's property on the premises. No one, but the City's agent or persons authorized by law, shall knowingly have access to the City's utility facilities or property, including and not limited to all components of the meter base or pit and the meter. In the event of any loss or damage to the City's property caused by or arising out of my carelessness, neglect, or misuse, the cost of making good such loss or repairing such damage shall be paid by the party named in the application.

I agree to abide by City of Cherryville cross connection control ordinance (Sec. 30-41)

I agree that if the bills or charges submitted by City of Cherryville are not paid by the service interruption date of the following month, the electric and water service will be terminated (Sec.30-85). The following provisions regarding non-payment will be applied as part of this contract:

  1. A penalty will be assessed against the non-paying customer on the amount due City of Cherryville the date indicated on the bill.
  1. Service interruption notices will be sent out to the Customer by City of Cherryville by one of the following: regular mail, telephone call or website updates.
  1. Upon Customer's non-payment of a utility bill by the interruption date, electric and water service will be disconnected by City of Cherryville.
  1. Electric and Water service will be reconnected by City of Cherryville upon payment of the utility bill and the service charge by Customer.

I understand that any payments returned as insufficient, which were applied to utility accounts, will be charged back to the account and will result in electric and water disconnection if the charges due are not paid within the allotted time after notification. A returned item charge and a service charge may also be assessed.

I understand that if I have an amount due on a payment arrangement and my account is inactivated, such as a move out transaction, the payment arrangement and past due amount will be due immediately. If this balance is not paid, then services at the new address could be disconnected for non-payment.

I, the customer, agree to give notice to City of Cherryville when a change of occupancy takes place on any premises supplied by the City with electric, water, wastewater, and/or sanitation service. Notice thereof shall be given not less than three days prior to the date of change by the outgoing customer. The outgoing customer shall be held responsible for all services rendered on such premises until such notice is so received by City of Cherryville and City of Cherryville has had reasonable time to discontinue the electric, water and wastewater service. However, if such notice has not been received, the application of such a succeeding occupant for electric, water, wastewater, or sanitation service will automatically terminate the prior account. The customer's deposit may be transferred from one service location to another if both locations are supplied electric, water and wastewater service by the City. The customer's deposit may not be transferred from one person's or entity's name to another. Notwithstanding the above, the City will accept telephone orders, for the convenience of its customers, to discontinue or transfer electric, water, wastewater, and/or sanitation service from one service address to another and will use all reasonable diligence in the execution thereof.

I hereby give City of Cherryville authorization to obtain identity verification and deposit determination for new service.

I have read and understand the Terms and Conditions of receiving utility service from City of Cherryville and agree to abide by the same. I hereby affirm and verify under penalty of law that I am the individual named in the application and the social security number provided herein is my true and correct social security number, assigned to me by the federal government.

Providing false information is a violation of both North Carolina (GS 14-104) and federal law (18 U.S.C. 1001).